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Healthline blog posts have a new helpful tool to find posts on the topic you want. Look below each post to find a list marked "labels: "

Each label is a keyword for a topic that appears in that post. Click any of the labels in the list to get (hopefully) all posts that cover that topic by that blogger.

The addition of labels is a great tool to get more from posts. I've been working with hardworking behind-the-scenes Healthline staff Carrie and Leigh to get all Fitness Fixer posts labeled. Leave a comment if we left out any appropriate labels.

This post wouldn't ordinarily have a label for you to see and experiment with, since it is not about a health topic, so I put one. Since I'm at a sports medicine conference right now presenting on how arching the lower spine too much (stick out your behind far in back when squatting, for example) can cause back injury, I put the label "neutral spine" on this post. Click it to see all the posts that explain why overarching harms and how to get good exercise without this kind of injury. Each of those posts will have their own links. Enjoy.
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