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How To Remember Good Kid Lifting and Carrying

Back pain from lifting and carrying babies and young children is common. Rehab and PT programs commonly have people spend time (away from their children and other important things they need to do) to lift weight to strengthen back muscles.

Here is an idea - if weight lifting helps, lift the kids. Just lift them right, so that you do not get the back pain in the first place. It is not the lifting that causes the pain.

Good Kid Lifting:

  1. Prevents pain,
  2. Strengthens your muscles,
  3. Gives built in exercise (functional exercise the way your muscles work),
  4. Increases contact with your young kids, important to their development,
  5. Improves ability to keep time with your children fun, healthy, and happy.

Readers asked me to make reminders for them about how to lift and carry their young children.

I created several different reminders on good lifting, bending, carrying. Fun T-shirts for kids are available in several colors and fabrics. There are bibs, singlets, and shirts for babies, and fun Back and Neck Saver reminders for grownups too.

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