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How To Join a Free Gym

Here is Friday Fast Fitness - how to get healthy, fun, functional natural exercise, get fresh air and needed sunshine, break out of old ruts, laugh, feel young, strengthen arms, legs, hands, practice balance, try something new, all at no charge:

  1. Go to a playground.
  2. Hang, swing, pull up, jump, climb, balance, laugh. Use muscles, balance, breathing, coordination, imagination, Get fresh air and sunshine.
  3. Have fun.

Use your brains and observe common sense safety. Test movements and equipment slowly first, check height of each apparatus compared to the ground and your head, make sure of your footing, grip, bone density, and landing skills before launching into the air, don't use children as landing pads, etc. Use good manners learned (or should have learned) as a small child.

If you do nothing more than hang from a bar or rings to start, you will strengthen hands, arms, and wrist.

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