How Doctors Help Patients With Fitness Fixer
The Fitness Fixer
The Fitness Fixer

How Doctors Help Patients With Fitness Fixer

Medical doctors write frequently that they fix pain for themselves and their patients with Fitness Fixer. Dr Clara Hsu, M.D., Board-certified family medicine physician writes:

"When I was in medical school, no one explained the mechanics of back pain as clearly as Dr. Bookspan.

"I used to think I had pretty good posture until I tried to do the wall stand test. It was difficult to stand with my back straight, and my chin was pointing way up toward the ceiling. I have had trouble with chronic neck stiffness and tightness, and so I began practicing the stretches that Dr. Bookspan recommends for the pectoral and trapezius muscles every day. Now when I do the wall stand, it is comfortable and easy to get my heels, hips, shoulders, and the back of my head against the wall. I also like Dr. Bookspan's suggestion to lie on your stomach and prop yourself up on your elbows as a good back extension exercise to do first thing in the morning.

"As a family medicine physician, I see many patients with back and joint pain. Things like excessive lumbar lordosis, the forward head, and walking duck-footed are common problems that are easy to remedy. Many of my patients comment that they feel like they are “learning to walk all over again.”

"I also practice kung fu and have found Dr. Bookspan's advice to be useful in many of the exercises that we do. For example, we do pushups and planks as part of our warm-up routine. I used to feel strain in my back, because I was allowing my lower back to sag. Keeping the back straight helps to take the pressure off the low back. Some of my fellow martial arts students have had back problems or musculoskeletal injuries, and I often share the articles from Dr. Bookspan's website with them.

"I would like to thank Dr. Jolie Bookspan for her tireless work, generosity, and desire to help people. Her articles and books are a great service to the public and offer much useful advice to assist people in relieving their own pain without medications or surgery.

"I think we could prevent many injuries and drastically decrease the amount of healthcare dollars spent on drugs, physical therapy, and operations, etc., if we were to follow her simple suggestions."

Clara Hsu, M.D.
Hands-On Medical Clinic
1024 Pico Blvd., Ste. #3
Santa Monica, CA 90405
(310) 314-0868

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