The Fitness Fixer
The Fitness Fixer

Household Fitness in the New Year

Start off the new year with fitness as a lifestyle. Use healthy movement and body positioning as you go about all your daily activities.

David from Belgium trains balance first thing

Ivy from New Zealand uses a half squat to functionally strengthen her legs and prevent back pain while making the bed.

See - Bending Right is Fitness as a Lifestyle.

Feeding the dog.
How often do you bend around the house in a day?
See - How Good Would You Look From 400 Squats a Day - Just Stop Unhealthy Bending

and full squat, see - Save Knees When Squatting

good lunge with front knee over foot.
See - Strengthen Legs Without Knee Pain - Standing Lunge

full squat for chores with feet facing the same direction as knees, and both heels down

A Thai villager sits straight, getting nice hip stretch, and keeps ankles straight
- see Unhealthy Yoga Ankles

Our friend MomPon is relative to the abbot of the Muay Thai Monks on Horseback near the border of Myanmar (Burma). We stayed with her during the time we spent at the monastery. She sits straight and comfortably in full squat to get things for dinner from her garden, then to wash dishes in her kitchen. We do the same when we help. She stands straight with chin in to reach overhead to get tamarind fruit from her tree, see - Change Daily Reaching to Get Ab Exercise and Stop Back and Shoulder Pain.

Our friends, the elder Thai ladies, sit straight while they watch a parade - Healthy Sitting


A hill tribe mother stands straight without rounding forward or leaning backward from the weight of her baby -
Healthier Carrying - Get Free Ab Exercise and Stop Pain
Healthier Backpack Carrying to Get Better Exercise and Stop Back Pain


A villager takes his children for a fun ride, while sitting straight. See how a reader fixed upper body pain from biking in Freed From Pain, He Rides Again


Sitting straight to wash the kids.


I gave these villagers soap bubbles for their baby. They played for hours.
Enjoy life, laugh, and share good times.

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