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Ivy from New Zealand wrote last week with an important reminder for readers who want to fix their pain:
"Have just read your post re Captain Scott and knees - Don't Miss These Reasons It Doesn't Get Better.

"It reminded me of a conversation I had yesterday with one of my neighbours. She is 71, very much overweight and is in a lot of pain. She has been receiving physical therapy for the last year. Not having much success she asked her doctor to refer her to a specialist. The results of her x-ray show that she has 2 herniated discs. She also has arthritis plus her lower spine has a curve.

"I mentioned your name and said that herniated disks can heal. I showed her how to stand with a neutral spine. She did not want to know. You have probably come across people like this time and time again. The way she spoke, she wants to have surgery. I was horrified.

"What could I do???? Sadly, I walked away.

"Over the years, she has complained about her weight. I have tried to help in a nice way. How can one help a lady who sits all day long watching TV, eating. So sad. One has to help oneself."

RALEIGH, NC - APRIL 2:  Recreational therapist...

Mindset alone can't fix pain. You can want something until you are blue in the face, but that will not change what happens. You need to do the steps needed. It's also sometimes hard or impossible to do the steps on your own, and a little help is needed. A flame can't ignite on its own.

What Can Help With Both:
Ivy's Community Outreach Success:
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