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Is Healthy Living Less Expensive?

Do you have to spend money to be healthy? A look around typical food market carts shows much spent on unhealthy food and products (photo, right). This post is the start of a new Fitness Fixer feature of Fast Finance Fixes - saving money while being healthier. We need a good brand name so send in your votes. Until then, we'll call it Fiscal Fitness.

Reader Ivy writes:

"How often does one hear that eating healthy is too expensive? Yesterday on my return from shopping at my favourite shop, a friend asked me as to what I had bought. I showed her the organic brazil nuts, sunflower and sesame seeds as well as the green, red and brown lentils. She remarked that organic products are far too expensive. Later in the day, I decided to phone two friends who are in a similar age group, live alone and are also on a low income. We discussed living costs so with their permission, I did a little exercise.

"I choose to be a vegetarian, my friends are not - I do not eat dairy, cakes, cookies or junk food of any kind, plus I do not drink coffee or alcohol. My friends both eat out on a regular basis, I choose not to. I do not buy cleaning products, instead, I use baking soda and white vinegar. I also use a phosphate free laundry liquid which I buy in a 5 litre container through a friend who kindly gives me a 20% discount. I do not have a mobile phone I also turn off my hot water during the day - this can save me about $10 a month in electricity charges.

"I was the only one of us three who exercised on a regular basis. I found it interesting that I was the only one who seldom visited a doctor, also, unlike the others, I did not get a cold or 'flu this past winter.

"The result of this exercise being that our costs were approximately the same within a few dollars. We three respect each others difference - each of us making personal choices. Afterall, isn't that what life is all about.

"You, my dear Dr Jolie, have been a huge influence on my life in more ways than you realise - again I thank you. Your lovely little reminders re life are also an inspiration. Thank you for your support."

Ivy first found The Fitness Fixer a few years ago when looking for information to fix severe sciatica and drop foot. Click Inspirational Ivy to see how she quickly stopped sciatica, got rid of her cane, and how her neighbor took the photos for the post. Each post links to updates Ivy has been sending since then. Reader Sylvia has since been fixing her own drop foot with Ivy's help in post comments. Sylvia's success story is on the way.

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Save plenty - don't buy things that are not healthy anyway. You don't need to be vegetarian or give up coffee and alcohol. With all the money you don't spend on junk food, commercial sports food and drink, and unnecessary fitness fad products, you can give to the poor and still have enough for good food and a vacation.

Questions come in by the hundreds. I make posts from selected ones. See if your answers are already here by clicking links and archives. Read success stories of these methods and send your own.

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Photo of grocery junk food by Trevor D.

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