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Healthy Christmas

The days are becoming longer and light is returning in the Northern Hemisphere. Native Americans, Shinto, Iranian Zorastrians, Buddhists, Christians, and non-faith based traditions all celebrate the winter return of light and life and enlightenment with trees, and lights, and cleaning the house, and giving presents, and lifting things.

In many of these traditions, is written that pain and darkness is high before the return of the light. The upper photo shows pain - unhealthy bending. The lower photo shows "seeing the light" - healthy bending.

For healthy holidays, check your bending for all the cleaning and lifting you do:

Don't lean over (upper photo). Keep your body upright and bend your knees. This bending gives healthful exercise and prevents straining back muscles and herniating (slipping) your lower back discs.

Many people think that lifting bent over strengthens back muscles. The problem is that, over years, it also degenerates your discs. Bend right to strengthen without also damaging.

Other people refuse to bend right because it hurts their knees. Done properly - both knees over your feet, and your weight back toward your heels, body weight shifts off your knee joints, to your thigh and hip muscles. You will feel the difference as soon as you try it. You get healthy leg and hip strengthening without back or knee pain.

For all my friend readers in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, make healthy bending a New Year's Resolution and part of your healthy holidays and stronger New Year.

Fun Fitness Fixer on healthy bending:

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