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Healthy Aging Starts Now - Part II

Reader Robert Davis sent a well-written summary in last Thursday's Healthy Aging Starts Now. Here he adds about our view of aging, and improving physical skills as years pass rather than letting them slip away from lack of use:

"I forgot to mention to that this stuff has helped my instrument playing as well! Sitting straight up and relaxed makes execution of difficult passages so much easier. I used to unconsciously tense up sometimes and it made it harder for no reason. Things just seem so much easier relaxed =P

This oldest runner Hung-Nien Peng (left) finis...

"I think aging in America is a plague the way it is viewed. I dunno if I made a good point or not (Thursday's Part I) but it seems to me that aging has a warped sense of reality to it in our country. Easy example is I was watching a clip from a dancer (pop dancer) who was in her 40s. Someone made an off the wall comment - "Well she does really good for being 45." But what does her age have to do with it.

"I just realized lately that you see this "plague" of thought that seems to be culturally conditioned that says by a certain age we should be degraded and unable to "do" things. This is how people think and it seems this is how the medical fields think. All I can think of when I see this plague is people in other countries going up and down mountains in flip flops or bare feet at all ages. Activities that would really poop out an average American, they do with ease.

"I get frustrated that we as a nation have the mentality that we must decline when you have shown me this is not true. I used to believe it, but when you turn your head slightly and see it from a better angle, it is not true. It is our lifestyle and habits that degrade. Not our age:) Change the habits, like you say and say over and over again. Why can't people see this?

"Ok I am all worked up lol.. This is why I have considered trying a different field more like yours! I am still considering it."

Mr. Davis has been making great gains in his weight lifting and healthy life using my work after first writing last year to learn how to fix a back injury from lifting. He previously sent in photos practicing various retraining drills by propping his cell phone set on timer against a paper clip and other impromptu devices. I asked if he had update photos of his progress. He replied that, "the phone that had the camera had decided to test gravity and never came out of it :( "

With his can-do ways, I think he will be sending more of his success stories. Click the label 'readers inspiring story' for many readers' stories of using my work to fix injuries and get their life back.

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