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Healthy Aging Starts Now

Robert Davis, frequent Fitness Fixer success story contributor, wrote to me with observations that will encourage, educate, and help many -

"I am beginning to see an almost "plague" in our society. That plague is auto-assumption that age automatically will start to equal degradation of your body."

Mr. Davis, a young lifter, had first left a comment to a Fitness Fixer article last year asking about fixing his back injury from weight lifting. His success stories came in frequently from there, telling how he gained better health and ability than before his injury. In a recent update letter to me, he sent these insights:

" I have not mailed in a few months. However I did not want to forget what got me back to what I love. I have had no issues with my back for months now. It went from dreadful to move, to better then ever.

" It is all so simple once it becomes ingrained. At first it does seem to be a chore learning to (bend right with a lunge and) squat and all the other things to correct bad habits. However these things, with conscious repetition, become habits. No longer do I have to think about healthy movement!

" This has been beneficial not only for my back, but for all areas that were troublesome. The more I loosed up, bent correctly, and used movement correctly, the more minor problems just seem to fade away!

" I have a new mantra when I workout with weight. It is called "on the muscle" chant. Every exercise I perform I say this in my mind and concentrate all weight on the muscles (instead of making it easier by shifting weight to joints). If I feel it is too heavy and I am doing some joint crushing, I back off the weight. I do not lose anything backing off. I gain something. More strength to do the same "on the muscle". In sum, I have really really chosen healthy movement over getting in an extra few pounds with "joint/arch or whatever" assistance. It is not worth it. You will get it eventually "on the muscle!"

" One sad thing I am noticing though lately after going thru stuff myself is this. I am beginning to see an almost "plague" in our society. That plague is auto assumption that age automatically will start to equal degradation of your body. I grew up as a pre-teen/teen in the late 80s and into the 90s. I never remembered regarding people who were much older as limited. I think this phenomenon is a cultural condition based on no facts, and the massive influx of pharmaceuticals. I could be wrong but that is what I see.

" I am amazed at all the people I run across in the gym who are told to "not do this or that". I often think of my grandfather and the time period he grew up in. He was very active and working under cars and whatnot till a few months before he passed away. No one told him his age would hamper that.

Elderly Hiker on Lost Dog Wash Trail

" I could go on and on about this but I think particularly in America, we are in a self created plague where age is a bad thing and something to postpone. What little do people know is that healthy movement, awareness, and lifestyle help one get thru all this without having to stop what they love.

" Look at me. From a debilitating back injury to returning to what I love to do - "lift weights in the gym." I was skeptical I would have ever made it back when I got hurt. However I am kinda glad now I did get hurt as sometimes there is a gem inside what otherwise would seem problematic. That Gem was learning (from you) how to do what I love to do without worry of age or injury ever detouring me from that. I am in my mid 30s now and plan to stay on top of myself with your methods for as long as I have a passion for this(and I feel that is a very long time). After all I see the body builders in the 70s and am truly inspired to keep going.

" Thank you! I also wanted to just check in and give a little insight of what I was doing and my thoughts on things =P
"Robert Davis"

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