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Grand Rounds 3.49 Shows We're Listening

Thank you Susan at Rickety Contrivances of Doing Good for hosting Grand Rounds 3.49.

This week Grand Rounds selected medical posts that reflected Narrative Medicine, which Susan says has three essential components:
  • Attention: Listening carefully to patients, remaining sensitive to what they may not be saying.
  • Representation: Using writing to reflect on patient interactions helps caregivers understand both their own feelings and those of their patients.
  • Affiliation: The process of attending carefully to patients and reflecting on patient stories ultimately makes caregivers stronger and more passionate patient advocates.
Susan chose two of my posts:
Inspiring Update from Jill - Celiac, Knees, Fasciitis, and Restoring Happy Life
Inspirational Update from Bill

The internet version of Grand Rounds is a web post that lists its vote for the best medical articles of the week.
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