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Grand Rounds 3.41 Calls The Lunge "The New Pink"

Thank you to Grand Rounds 3.41 this week, hosted at the blog Over!My!Med!Body!, for including my post Leg Exercise That Helps Your Back - Why The Lunge?

In a hospital, Grand Rounds is a lecture for doctors about a patient or topic. On the web, the weekly Grand Rounds is an electronic post that lists "the best medical posts of the week." Grand Rounds 3.41 called the lunge, "the new Pink" (I think that means it's good) and said they figured that not using the lunge and bending wrong "accounts for most of the lower back pain in the world."

The lunge does prevent one major cause of back pain - from bad forward bending. A second major source of lower back pain, that comes after standing, walking, or running, comes from allowing the lower spine to increase the inward arch, shown in the left-hand photo of the post, Using Abdominal Muscles is Not Tightening or Pressing Navel to Spine. The bad overarch can be easily stopped by tilting the hip to reduce the lower spine arch (right drawing, same post). If you use the lunge for bending, and stop spine over-arching (uses core muscles better than doing crunches), you will stop two of the biggest sources of back pain while you get a free workout and fitness as a lifestyle
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