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Get Certified, Learn With Fitness Fixer Personally In Colorado USA in July

In July, I will be back at the annual conference of the Wilderness Medical Society in Snowmass, Colorado to teach three workshops. Six actually. By demand, I will be giving each one twice to allow more people to learn.

My classes are eligible for certification through the Academy of Functional Exercise Medicine (renamed from Functional Fitness Medicine) - Certification counts toward Academy Fellow requirements - FAFEM. Fellow status is a distinguished degree.

The Wilderness Medicine conference is open to all who want to learn.

1. Prevent and Fix Injuries
Fast moving, jam packed, hands-on workshop. Learn how to recognize, fix, and prevent conditions that cause sprains, bad arches, knee, disc, shoulder, upper back, lower back, SI joint, and mystery back pain.
I will teach this workshop twice (one session each): Monday July 27, 2009, 7:40-9:40 am OR Tuesday July 28. 1-3pm.

2. Not The Same Old Stretches -
Why Well Known Stretches Aren’t Stopping Injury and What to Do Instead.

Come relieve conference aches on the spot. Discover why conventional stretching promotes flexed (aging) postural habits and degenerative forces on joints. Take home effective new and innovative techniques.
Same class offered twice: Tues July 28, 2009, 3:20-5:20pm, OR Wednesday July 29, 7:40am-9:40am.

3. Functional Core Training - What's Hot and What's Not
No crunches or forward bending that pressures discs and teaches bent over "old" posture. Learn fun, quick techniques to straighten posture, fix lower back pain from hiking and backpacks, and functionally strengthen, from simple moves to the toughest you can get. Bring a backpack (optional backpack training).
Same class offered twice: Monday, July 27, 2009. 10am-12pm, OR Wednesday July 29 10am-12pm.

This year, my workshops are free with conference admission. In the past, they were extra charge, payable to WMS, but you did not need to pay for the conference separately.

You don't need to attend the whole conference to take the workshops, although the conference and the people who come to the meetings are fun and interesting. With free admission to my workshops, class size is limited. I will give preference to those seeking certification so that they may learn better. Certification is extra fee. Dedicated students are allowed to take the same workshop twice at no extra fee. Even when there was a class fee, this allowance was always offered. Learning is more important than fees.


Hope to see you there.

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