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Friday Fast Fitness - Partner Achilles Tendon Stretch

Here is fast Friday Fitness - relax, have fun practicing stretching and cooperating with a friend, and have a nice - Achilles stretch:

  1. Stand facing a partner at arm's length. Hold each other's hands or arms. Keep arms straight.
  2. Each partner leans and pulls back with straight arms while bending knees keeping heels down on the floor.
  3. Bend only as far as is fun and feels good. Keep leaning back. Keep heels down.

The point is not to squat to the floor, the point is to stretch the Achilles and learn healthy movement habits that you can use for real life. Keeping heels down when bending knees accomplishes the point. If someone is tight, they don't have to bend as far to get a big stretch. Raising heels loses the stretch and the point. Don't squat all the way with heels up, keep heels down.

Whenever you stretch, remember the point of a stretch instead of straining to an arbitrary endpoint.

Photo © Jolie from my students at last year's (2007) Wilderness Medicine conference workshops.

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