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Reader Sandra wrote:

"Hi Dr. Bookspan:
I would love it (as I'm sure countless others would) if you would produce and make available workout DVD's for healthy and safe weight lifting, cardio and yoga workouts. Since reading your material I've been dismayed at how many fitness DVD's are in my library that have potentially injurious exercises. Just a suggestion, and thank you for your time
Sandra Kimble"

Hello Sandra, thank you for your nice idea. Be part of it. Using my methods, make a short mpeg video - 30 seconds is fine, showing how to change one injurious move to normal healthful movement, and how your use it for functional movement in real life.

Readers, come be a part.

I will post it as a success story on Fitness Fixer, my educational site that is available to all at no charge. My site is a large "wiki" DVD. It is available to the many in the world who cannot pay for DVDs. It is more than just a collection of random exercise videos, but explains the real science, with links to related articles, and how it is not just exercise but real function and better life.

Instead of getting a longwinded DVD of just old me, and having to pay, you get all the real-life successes - the real people who learned, were inspired, and made their lives better. You have no production or hosting costs, entry fees, and get your DVD without having to pay. I will do the work to put it all together and give you the credit.

It is fun for you, and a benefit to the world.

Check my Fitness Fixer for other movies so far - here is the link for all posts with movies:

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