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Forward Air Head Syndrome - Doing Sets and Reps and Missing The Point of the Exercise

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After the article Help Yourself last Monday, I received many notes from readers. Almost a dozen the first few hours. Notes saying that that once they understood how my method changes "doing" exercises into stopping causes of injury, they tried to help their friends who had pain. The friends turned their generous help back into the party line of doing sets and reps of stretches and exercises, then returned to habits that recaused their injury. They missed the greater point of using the retraining after the reps stop - during actual real life.

One reader wrote how he explained to his friend about the cause of degenerating discs and vertebrae of the neck. His friend was constantly jutting the neck forward - a painful posture called a "forward head." The friend protested that he had a disease of the facets, the joints of the vertebrae. The reader explained that damage to the facets was caused by the bad posture called a forward head. The friend insisted he had disc deterioration and bulging. The reader explained the cause was simple bad posture called a forward head. The friend agreed to try my method, did a few stretches mentioned in part of one of my articles, then went back to their forward head posture, and complained that the method didn't work because pain returned. He wanted to know exactly how many and which other exercises to do and how long it would take for the exercises to work.

Check some of the comments to certain Fitness Fixer articles. Some commenters miss the point that the stretches or exercises may help you feel better for the moment (and if they don't then you are doing them wrong) but you must change injurious movement habits. Prevent tilting your hip and use neutral spine instead when you stand and walk, to prevent lower back and SI pain. Stop craning your neck. These are voluntary actions that need your brain to work.

Reader Paul J wrote this accurate assessment:

"The Department for Silly Syndromes has determined that Forward Air Head Syndrome is closely related to Cerebral Detachment Syndrome that occurs in patients that read the writings of Dr. Bookspan.

"The patient knows how to read and understands words; however after reading Dr. Bookspan’s writings, a detachment in the cerebral cortex seems to occur often affecting the patient’s ability to think and type. The patient exhibits some of the following symptoms:
  • Writing questions to answers already given in the original text,
  • Writing questions to answers already given in previous articles
  • Writing questions that are not congruent.
  • In mild forms, the patient will read some of the information, do some stretches, and expect complete results.
"The recommended treatment for those suffering from CDS is to watch the movie* ‘What About Bob?’ This may not cure CDS however it should temporally delay the effects of CDS."

(*In the movie, a psychiatrist gives his nice but overanxious patient a book, to understand and solve his own problems. Instead, the patient drives the psychiatrist insane with repeated unneeded questions (and did his previous doc in with the same).


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