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Fixing More Fitness Myths

On April 1st, I covered some fun fitness myths and how to change myth into healthier exercise. Today continues with more fun ways to get more exercise and reduce injury at the same time:

Heart Health

Myth - Anger has no health effects. Instead, turn contempt and anger for others to healthy dialog with:
Healthier Heart.

Understanding How "Sticking Out in Back" Isn't Neutral Spine:

Start with this one to see what overarching the lower back means, and how correcting it lets you do more in healthier ways:
Fixing the Commonest Source of Mystery Lower Back Pain

Then try Using Abdominal Muscles is Not Tightening or Pressing Navel to Spine to visualize how you simply tuck enough to make the belt line level when standing, not tilted. A small inward curve in the lower back remains when you shift to neutral spine, but not large enough to cause degenerative pinching on the facet joints, the joints of the lower spine.

Then feel the difference of tucking until neutral: Throw a Stronger Punch (or Push a Car or Stroller) Using This Back Pain Reduction Technique

and Change Daily Reaching to Get Ab Exercise and Stop Back and Shoulder Pain

Here is how to try it during squats: Free Exercise and Free Back and Knee Pain Prevention - Healthy Bending

Here are some abdominal exercises using these principles: Change Common Exercises to Get Better Ab Exercise and Stop Back Pain

Here is what it looks like not to use abs:
What Abdominal Muscles Don't Do - The Missing Link
What Does It Look Like to Not Use Abdominal Muscles?
and Healthier Carrying - Get Free Ab Exercise and Stop Pain.

Abs and Tightening:

Myth - Pressing navel inwards to tighten abs is the way to strengthen your abs or fix your posture. Fact - tightening will not move your spine out of unhealthy position and it impedes normal fluid motion:
Using Abdominal Muscles is Not Tightening or Pressing Navel to Spine.

Exercise Injuries

Myth - Exercise injuries are usually overuse and aging.
Fact - Simple misuse is easily fixed: Why So Many Aerobics Injuries? and What is "Fitness as a Lifestyle?"
A recent injury survey by US military revealed that 62% of American injuries in Iraq are occurring in the gym. Welcome to the Fitness Fixer tells more.
Some top docs say the military press should be avoided. I think it is a functional exercise and can be done in ways without upper body injury: Safer Overhead Military Press.

Dispelling Myths about Circulation and Massage:

Keeping Thai Massage Healthy Part III - Should You Do "The Blood Stop?"
Making Thai Massage Healthier Part II - Avoid Snapping Elbows or Knees Backward
Changing Thai Massage to Be Healthier Part I - Avoid Pressuring Lower Back Discs.

Sitting and Rising:

Myth - The way to sit and rise from a chair is to lean forward and stick out in back. Here is a way that uses muscles more:
Get Better Exercise From Your Chair
Aren't You Supposed To Stick Your Behind Out to Sit Down or Do Squats?

Dispelling the Myth That The Best Ab Exercise Means Crunches, Leg Lifts, and Bending Forward:

Abdominal Muscle Exercise - Better, Different, Not What You Think
Throw a Stronger Punch (or Push a Car or Stroller) Using This Back Pain Reduction Technique
Change Common Exercises to Get Better Ab Exercise and Stop Back Pain.

Knee Pain:

Myth - to avoid knee pain you must avoid impact activities or exercises that bend the knees. Here are ways to do all you enjoy and get stronger healthier knees:
Understanding positioning and impact: Healthy Knees.
For full squatting to the heels: Save Knees When Squatting
For half squatting for bending and exercise: Free Exercise and Free Back and Knee Pain Prevention - Healthy Bending.

Backpacks and Back Pain:

Myth - Carrying the weight of backpacks makes your back hurt. Fact - You can change the source of the back pain by how you carry the same pack:
Healthier Backpack Carrying to Get Better Exercise and Stop Back Pain
Carrying Schoolbooks Is Not the Cause of Back Pain.

Back Surgery:

Myth - surgery is necessary to avoid later problems. Fact - Studies have now found that is it not true that you necessarily risk future consequences if you do not have surgery. Surgery itself can be a source of later trouble:
Fix Disc Pain Without Surgery
Studies Say Back Surgery Not Needed.


There are medical people who say that squats are bad for the back and knees. I believe that healthy squats make daily life and exercise healthier and smarter, and can prevent much back and knee pain:
Bending Right is Fitness as a Lifestyle
How Often Should You Be Healthy?
Free Exercise and Free Back and Knee Pain Prevention - Healthy Bending
How Good Would You Look From 400 Squats a Day - Just Stop Unhealthy Bending.

Cause of Disc Degeneration and Herniation:

Myth - Vertebral discs just go bad without warning, from small provocations like a sneeze or reaching or from aging, so it doesn't matter what you do. The good news is that discs are not soft "jelly donuts" as often described. They are tough like truck tires. It takes years of the same, specific, problem to break them down and move them out of place. See the mechanism:
Disc Pain - Not a Mystery, Easy to Fix

Then see examples during daily life:
The Cause of Disc and Back Pain
Are You Making Your Exercise Unhealthy?
and How Often Should You Be Healthy?

Brain Damage:

Myth - knocks to the head are funny and harmless. In reality, long-term damage may be common and serious. This has far reaching implication for law enforcement, domestic violence, full contact sports, and extreme entertainment:
Rocky IV and Head Injury.

Sitting and Back Pain:

It made headlines when researchers seemed to say that sitting up straight was wrong. Here is what they really meant:
Don't Fall for "Don't Sit Up Straight."

When you exercise for health, are you sitting in unhealthy ways? Are You Making Your Exercise Unhealthy?

and here are two for more comfortable sitting:
When Did Health Become Thinking Out Of The Box?
and Exercise and Stretch for Long Travel Sitting.

Upper Back and Neck Pain

Breasts Causing Upper Back Pain is a Myth

Myth - All neck stretches fix neck pain. Fact - there are some stretches that increase neck pain:
Upper Back Exercise and Neck Pain Prevention Too
and The Stretch You Need The Least.
Here are stretches that work better:
Fixing Upper Back and Neck Pain
Thumbs Can Show Tightness That Leads to Upper Back Pain
Nice Neck Stretch
and Quick, Feel-Good Upper Back and Chest Stretch.

Dispelling the Myth That Any Exercise or Stretch is Good For You:

The Stretch You Need The Least
Is Bad Martial Arts Good Exercise?
Common Exercises Teach Bad Bending
Sitting Badly Isn't Magically Healthy by Calling It a Hamstring Stretch
Common Exercises Teach Hip Tightness When Kicking, Stretching, and on the Stairs
Healthier Hamstring Stretching
and Better Achilles Tendon Stretch.

Is More Calcium is the Answer for Bone Density?:

Exercise is More Important Than Calcium Supplements for Bones
Collapsing Astronaut Gives Healthy Reminder.

Making Peace

I have taken many classes where the teacher claims their exercise system gives focus and calm, then they lose all their concentration if a student arrives late, if a phone rings, or if the class next door is too loud. These posts give things to try instead:
Which Ancient Exercise Gives Focus and Concentration?
Exercise Common Sense Discipline
The Story of the Black Belt.

More myths - Fixing Fitness Myths

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