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Fixing Discs by Fixing Causes

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Reader Laraine P writes,

"Thanks so much for your help.
"I wanted to let you know that I have had a herniated disk in my lower back for eight months. Had physical therapy & injections, but still needed medications-pain pills, etc. I never experienced so much pain in my life. I came across your website & articles & starting doing what you recommended, & within days I have been feeling great & have reduced the pain medicine because I don't need it.

"I know now that I was doing the wrong exercises in the past- too much bending forward & back. Didn't really know that this exercising technique (bending, stretching forward, arching) is incorrect. It sure is!!!!

"I really like the hamstring stretch - putting your leg on the wall. This is terrific.
I feel so MUCH BETTER....

"Also, when you get copies of the Abs book, please let me know.
"Have a great day Dr. Bookspan!!!!

A herniated disc is an injury, not a condition or disease. It can heal. You do not have to live with it. You can go on to being able to do more not less.

Discs are living parts of your body, not like a tooth that once broken cannot heal. Most of the time, injured areas can heal, if you let them. Bulging areas can reduce. Dried discs can rehydrate. Each night as you sleep, discs replenish fluid. They plump back up a bit. That is part of why you are taller each morning, than in the evening. They can do all this if you stop the causes that injured them.

Doing surgery, adjustments, treatments, massage or yoga does not stop the cause of disc injury. Common exercises add to injury. Not all exercise is medicine. Then it is no surprise when pain does not stop, or stops but returns, or the next disc herniates after fixing the first one.

Changing unhealthy movement habits that degenerate discs and push them out of place means moving in healthy ways for all you do, not just for sets and reps in a gym. You can do all the "reps" of back exercises in the world. If you return to bending and standing in injurious ways all day around the house and workplace, it is no surprise that the exercises and treatments did not fix the pain.

Click the following for simple ways to stop causes of disc injury. Get the overall concepts, don't bog down on details. I see people in gyms following trivial, exacting "proper form" for exercising, while missing the whole point of healthy bending and lifting or how to apply it to general motion all day.

Fixing Causes:

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