The Fitness Fixer
The Fitness Fixer

Fix Pain, Get Stronger and Healthier (and Stop Leaks) in One Day

On April 21 2007, we will run three workshops in one full, fast-moving day at Temple University Ambler/Ft Washington campus in Ambler, Pennsylvania. The first two are "Fix Your Own Back and Neck Pain: Medical Breakthroughs in Non-Surgical Treatment" and "Stretching Smarter Stretching Healthier."

Fix Your Back Pain will run 9:30am to 2pm. Stretching Smarter is 2:30 to 4:30pm. In the fun, active fix-pain workshop, learn to get rid of neck, back, and hip pain and keep it from coming back. You will learn to stop the causes of neck pain, back pain, sciatica, herniated and degenerating discs, stenosis, lordosis, facet pain and other problems right in class. You don't need to stop your favorite activities to stop the pain. I show how to get stronger and do more than before. In the stretch workshop, you will learn innovative techniques that work better, faster, and don't hurt. You will learn how to not get stiff and sore in the first place. The workshops are a combination of fun and fast-moving audiovisual lecture and non-strenuous physical practice. Both are suitable for the out-of-shape as well as the athlete.

For family or friends traveling with you who don't want to take these workshops, there is one more. My husband Paul is teaching a fun seminar in do-it-yourself plumbing the same day at the same campus. Learn how to avoid problems and save money. Paul is a licensed contractor and loves plumbing. He makes it interesting, useful, and fun.

More class info about all three workshops are on my web site page for CLASSES. To register, contact Rhonda Geyer, Director, by email or phone (215) 283-1304. Out-of-towners can have a fun Saturday in class and stay to visit Philadelphia on Sunday. Tourist info at

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