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The Fitness Fixer

Fitness is Getting Out and Living

Readers, you are all great people. Feel good about yourselves. I appreciate all the e-mails how you're using the ideas in this blog, my website, and classes to stop years of pain, get back to doing fun things, or try healthy fun for the first time. You all can do extraordinary things even if you don't know it or think you are doing anything right now.

Some of you have written me about your lives. I have notes from people biking across continents and crossing the arctic using my training info. Notes from soldiers stationed in harm's way who stopped their back pain while carrying packs and during operations. Astronauts. Circus performers. Olympic wrestlers. Ultramarathoners. Competitive lifters who went on to increase personal records after being told by top physicians to give up lifting because of shoulder, elbow, back, and knee injuries. Concert musicians. Survivors of cancer and abuse. A runaway who went back to school because of the blog. A student who quit an unhealthy job. A man who could not lift his own children because of obesity, who used fitness as a lifestyle of bending and playing with his children to get to healthier weight. Readers Ivy and Zoe and MMLash let me tell a bit of their triumphs on the blog. Mim, Kate, Kathy, Julia, PhatMac, Eddie, and a few others helped with their success stories in the comments. The rest - too shy to post their stories? I understand that this blog attracts an independent intelligent bunch. It's not boasting, but educating and inspiring and helping others when you write. If you are not sure what to write, just e-mail me telling me what you tried, how it's helping, and we'll develop it.

You don't have to climb a mountain to be featured. Just getting out of bed is an Olympic sport some days. Stopping pain, making your daily life healthy movement, feeling good again (or for the first time), and having your life back *is* climbing the highest mountain.

Next - a reader trains to swim across the Cook Strait of New Zealand.

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