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Fitness Fixer Reader Hall Of Fame 2009

Welcome to the Fitness Fixer Hall of Fame 2009

Here are real stories from readers that appeared here on Fitness Fixer during 2009.

Get inspired. Use these for your New Year's Resolutions and throughout the New Year to come.
Get happy and healthy using these methods, then send your own:

Designs World Health

Preserves Historic Music and Health
  • Fixed ankle pain and used healthy squatting, bending, and horse riding for a month rugged trek. Composer Andrea Clearfield and artist Maureen Drdak trekked a month in Nepal to record the sacred music and art of LUNG-TA, the Windhorse - Pain Free Trekking to Kingdom of Lo

Stops Causes Of Injury Withou
t A Bunch Of Reps

Rehabs Injuries and Health Without Props

Fixes Pain With Functional Exercise

Applies Healthy Bending

Healthier Aging

Helps Others

Fixes Discs and Back Pain

Back To The Running She Loves
  • Lisa P was told to stop running. She got out of shape but the injuries remained. She learned to stop the foot injuries, lost weight, got in shape, ran marathons, changed to healthy movement, and was able to fulfill her dream of working as a professional photographer - Physician Told Her Give Up, Fitness Fixer Made Her Able

Happy Again

Tells Us Fun

Counts Healthy Times

Strengthens Hip

Makes Things For Us

Demonstrates Fixed Fitness

Stretches Smarter and Healthier

Improves Nutrition

Helps Better Behavior Reach Others

Fixes Headaches

Gets It!

New Academy Appointments

Hall of Fame Inductees Bumped to Next Year
  • Two great people won their fame this year and manfully allowed their stories to go next year so others could be counted now - Fellow rider BikaBill, and my old friend and fellow wild-hair Mark Lonsdale who will have his successes as frogman, marksman, and Specialized Tactical Training Unit instructor, coming soon.

Want the DVD?

Thank You Readers For Nice Comments And Successes In The Comments
Anton, Alberto (farioreo), Anya, Terry Lee, Teresa, Vietanh, Dada, Caregiver Sandy, Captain Scott, Mr. Glass, Poleminx, Y, Marina, Rennie, Rene, Belly Dancer, Ted, Shannon, Dentists Plantation, BikaBill, Cockroach Catcher, jojo, JayaKrishna, MegaMom, TonyP. Sam, rania123456, meanne, Joe, Jeff, Elliott, RealMother, Hope, M.Pradeep, Kirstine, Steven, Uma, Vasudha, Laura, byte5, Sylvia, DD, Naiche, Margie, Reggie (R2_G2), SwissGraphics, Charles, Brooke, Sebastian, JH, adarrel, Ted, priyamno1, EMR, NurseLine, John, Dufbil (David), Alena, Shane, Maryk, Jilly, Ness, 4myJagiya, MountainsMan, Wondering Oriental, alkime, Anonymous, and others. Anyone else? Let me know if you should be here to thank.

Thank You All For Your E-Mails Of Success
Paul J wrote, "8 months Chiropractor free, so Merry Christmas to you."

Anya taught her Grandmother to fix neck pain over Skype. Watch for insightful, smart, strong, stories from Anya to come next year. Anya reminds, "We are so far from knowing our limits!"

Hundreds more, too shy to put their story online, mailed me notes of the best thanks - that because of these methods, they stopped pain, they got strong, they had their lives back.

Thank you everyone for using my methods for Good. Thank you for writing your stories for others to benefit. Congratulations on your great work.

For Next Year
Start envisioning your success using these methods. Send me your photo sharing link with photos of what you do to fix your fitness, your well being, your life. Send in your story and you will soon be in the Fitness Fixer Hall of Fame 2010.

Happy New Year


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Academy of Functional Exercise Medicine Award by Alessandro Schiavone Creative Director from Ravenna, Italy
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