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First Winner - International Academy of Functional Sports Medicine Logo Design

In January 2008, we announced the Logo Design Contest for the International Academy of Functional Sports Medicine. We are honored to announce the first winner, Alessandro Schiavone, Creative Director from Ravenna, Italy.

Sig. Schiavone's design will grace our awards division. His logo will appear on International awards each year to top people.

The International Academy gives annual awards to thank, recognize, and support those who help the world. Awards are conferred for those deserving special recognition for work, humanitarianism, teaching, developing programs, writing, and so on. It has been pointed out that awards each year will be called the Academy Awards :-)
Grazie Sig. Schiavone! Many good things behind the scenes are coming from this.

Other Academy logos still need to be designed, including Certifications, Fellow Advancement, and the main logo for the Academy itself. Contact us and send your designs and ideas to be included in this exciting and far-reaching project. See the Academy website for information.

Here They Are!

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