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Fast Friday - Valentine's Day Partner Weightlifting

Here is Friday Fast Fitness - don't leave your love to do weight lifting alone, lift your love:

  1. Partner 1 (white uniform) stands straight and lifts partner 2 (black uniform) onto forearms.
  2. Partner 1 (white uniform) does biceps curls and other lifts using partner 2's weight.
  3. Partner 2 uses core and whole body strength and endurance to hold straight positioning. Partner 2 can face up, down or sideways, in each case using appropriate muscles to maintain straight position. Breathe normally.

This Fast Fitness can be done with willing friends, children, pets, and furniture.

Partner 1 uses core and abdominal muscles to stand with neutral spine rather than leaning backward, and whole body strength to support weight of partner 2.

It is a myth that you must lean back to offset a carried load. You get intense and functional abdominal muscle workout by using them to pull you forward to neutral standing position.

I once used this exercise of holding straight horizontal position (partner 2's part) while helping out a friend who is a stage magician. I filled in for his absent assistant for the floating lady illusion. I was too tall for the apparatus. It usually holds your body out flat using struts reaching from head to thigh. It reached only to my midback. I wound up holding my weight myself, from hips to feet - high above the stage - while trying to look hypnotized. More on this, someday, in another post.

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