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Fast Friday - Oblique Core Strength and Balance on the Ball

Here is Friday Fast Fitness -Here is Friday Fast Fitness - develop strong side abdominal and back muscles, and train balance at the same time:

  1. Put both hands on the floor and step one foot up onto an exercise ball of any size
  2. Step the other foot up to the ball and turn sideways. Hold straight (upper photo). Hold and feel all abdominal and back muscles working strongly to hold yourself straight.
  3. Work up to raising one arm.

Don't let body sag (lower photo). The idea is to train your muscles to be able to hold straight against the resistance of your own body weight during daily life when walking and everything you do. If your muscles don't have the strength or endurance to hold you, then you will sag onto your joints.

At first, you may need help to steady the ball. Practice until you can steady it with your own muscles, balance, and stability.

Instead of sitting on an exercise ball, remember that you might already sit much of the day. Get up and use an exercise ball for more functional, active, and healthful things.

Send in your photos of your fun successes using the ball in ways that train function. Exercise ball success story already in progress from Robert Davis. See his first story - Fixed Injuries, Got Strong, With Functional Exercise.

Read success stories of these methods and send your own. Questions come in by the hundreds. I make posts from selected ones. See if your answers are already here by clicking labels under posts, links in posts, and archives at right.

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Photos by Dr. Jolie of dedicated students.
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