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Fast Friday - More Exercise Biking and Help Save the Planet

Here is Friday Fast Fitness - make light for more visible bike riding without battery waste and power pollution:

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  1. Get an inexpensive bicycle light generator

  2. Use you brains and hand motor skills to install it on your bicycle wheel with your kids, or family, or a friend, or alone.

  3. Get more exercise pushing against the generator while making the power for your bike headlight or safety light.

Beside powering a light for your street bike, think of exercise machines. It seems wasteful to use treadmills and stationary bicycles that require electric power to operate. Encourage manufacturers to make equipment of all kinds that run on self-generated power, and gyms to stock them.

Use shaker and wind-up flashlights instead of battery flashlights, hook up a bike to run the television, or a treadmill to power a capacitor to run lights - power to and from the people.

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