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Fast Friday - Incline Rowing Pull Ups

Here is Fast Friday Fitness - Fun rows to strengthen your back, chest, arms, grip, and torso muscles, without bending over or forward, using commonly available objects, no gym needed:

  1. To start, leave both feet on the ground. Hold a low study pipe, branch, or overhead handle. Lean far back, body straight. Bend both elbows to pull up and lower down as many times as you can. Improve by increasing the number of times, and how fast you can pull up.
  2. Once you can hold on and pull up, increase strength and balance by lifting your feet to the overhead support. Hold on whatever way you want that is safe. Pull up and down.
  3. Hold your body straight, not rounded as pictured. You will work your muscles harder, involve core muscles, and train knowledge and use of healthier positioning.

Rows are great and useful exercise. Instead of standing or sitting bent over, you can strengthen the same and more muscles without loading the lumbar discs. These incline rows are fun and useful for climbing, and building ability to do pull-ups.

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When you send me your photos of fixing this and other fun things, send a photo sharing link of web-size, not high resolution, instead of e-mailing photos to me. Blogger isn't letting me upload directly, and when on the road, I don't have programs to resize. Have fun.

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