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Fast Fitness - Your Own Reality Valentine's Day Cooking Show

Here is Friday Fast Fitness - Make Valentine's weekend fit, classy, and serene in the kitchen.

Instead of yelling, insults, and impatience that generates stress chemicals that damage heart and blood vessels, then serving that to yourself or family, serve health for brain, body, mind, and spirit:

  1. Try the idea that meals are the process of making something nice, together or alone. Don't miss this healthy time. Meals don't only begin when you finish stressing it onto a plate.
  2. It's not cool to bicker. Can you relate to someone without small talk and one-upmanship? Try real conversation. Or quiet and smiles.
  3. Instead of focus on the product - rushing to serve polluted food and atmosphere - the preparing itself is a time for healthy body positioning, breathing as you cut and wash food, standing straight at the counter. Then you don't need extra time for meditation; your life is meditative.

Make your reality show for your meals the way life really can be. It takes the same time to stand well and smile as slouch. Cutting and washing goes more easily without tight shoulders and repeated unhappy thoughts. No stress-filled yelling, slouching, tightening your neck and shoulders to do the washing, cutting, and preparing. Alone or with loved ones, have a fun joke telling, singing, time of breathing and standing well, enjoying that you have food to prepare and a roof over your head to prepare it.

The Winter Olympic Torch lights today! See Wednesday's article, Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games 2010 or click the label Olympics for all Olympic posts.

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For those who feel there are no coincidences, Happy Olympic, Valentine's, Fast Fitness, Lunar New Year.

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