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Fast Fitness - Which Books to Get for Holiday Shopping Black Friday

Here is Friday Fast Fitness - quick, inexpensive holiday gifts, easy to get, helpful to have. Many readers asked which books to get. Thank you everyone who sent me great notes and success stories how the books made their lives strong, fun, and pain free, and requests for more for friends. Here are descriptions and ways to get books and other fun:
  • All my books have different information. If you get them all you won't go wrong, or repeat the same stuff.
  • Limited personally signed copies to you or someone else are possible. I can write something special, with different signing for each person on your list. I can mail them all to you for the same postage, or to different people separately. You can also order straight from retailers instead of me. Links follow below (or click items).
  • A reader wrote a comment, angry that his e-book did not print, and that it hurt his back "sitting at the computer pasting screenshots into into MSWord" to print his e-book on fixing back pain. He must have thought it was "Reprimand your way to my heart" day. E-books don't print. That is why they are called "E" (electronic) books. The book company lawyers told me his pain was divine punishment for copyright violation. Also for not following book instructions on healthy sitting. I am working on getting new editions of e-Books complied and uploaded (buggy slow software is keeping me at the desk many days overtime). New e-books should be ready for Christmas orders. New editions will soon be available for Kindle and other readers. The e-books already on my web site download directly to your computer. For portable print books, get the print editions.

If you can only get one book:
Top choice for athletes is Healthy Martial Arts. It is a treasury for all athletes. It teaches how to live and move and be healthy during all action of body and mind, with over 200 photographs. For regular exercisers, or those who want to start and just be healthy and have fun, a good choice would be Health & Fitness THIRD edition - How To Be Healthy Happy and Fit For The Rest Of Your Life. It's an all-in-one book with thirty-one fun chapters of fitness, nutrition, health, disease prevention, fixing back and neck pain, joint pain, functional exercise, "green" fitness, emotional health, brain health, stretching, and fun facts about the body. (Or as they say, "if you only read one book this year, you should read more...")

Best Combo:
With either Healthy Martial Arts or Health & Fitness THIRD ed., add Fix Your Own Pain Without Drugs or Surgery.

For the Most "Bang for the Buck:"
Get a bunch, above, and throw in a Stretching Smarter Stretching Healthier (200 illustrations) and Ab Revolution™ Third Edition expanded (114 drawings and photos). The Ab Revolution™ is described in: Back Pain From Running and Innovation in Abdominal Muscles

Thank You Anonymous:
Who left this comment on Who We Read - Using Fitness Fixer for More:
"Thank-you for your considerable research and explanations regarding neck and low back pain. Have recently checked out the Stretching Smarter... book you wrote to see if it is better than other posture books. It is infinitely better. Want to buy some books with photos next.

For new parents and grandparents
Fun items with good kid lifting and carrying to save your back and neck
Mothers Day and New Parents Back and Neck Savers
and How To Remember Good Kid Lifting and Carrying

Water bottle with healthy neck and upper body positioning:
Fast Fitness - Stop Neck Pain From Biking

For scuba divers and diving medicine people on your list:

Diving Physiology In Plain English - all my career work and research in the field of decompression and diving science
and two books summarizing the entire field of Hyperbaric and Diving Medicine.

All books and descriptions - on my web site BOOKS page.

All fun UnCommon sense gifts - Dr. Bookspan's Backsavers.
DrBookspan's Backsavers

Health & Fitness Third Edition at Last

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