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Fast Fitness - Stretch For Menstrual Cramps

Here is Friday Fast Fitness - a stretch to help relieve the ache of menstrual cramps and the same pain from uterine cramping after sexual relations:

  1. Person with cramping lies on back, knees bent, feet flat on the floor or bed.
  2. Partner sits at their feet, facing their knees, and gently cups the front of both thighs near the knees.
  3. Partner leans backward, pulling the top of both thighs with them (yellow arrows in photo). Cramping person should feel a pleasant relief stretch in the lower abdomen (red arrow in photo). Repeat as needed.

The partner doing the cramp release can either sit closely, securing the cramping person's feet with their knees (as pictured), or sit further back. It is preference for how you can best and most comfortably do the stretch.

The cramping person's feet can be moved closer to their body to add a nice Achilles tendon stretch, or if the partner applying the stretch is not strong enough to easily pull back. This stretch works extra well on a soft bed when the feet can sink into the soft surface. Apply it slowly to not overdo.

See how this works for you and send your suggestions.


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