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The Fitness Fixer

Fast Fitness - Strengthen Many Places at Once

Here is Friday Fast Fitness - quick strengthener for arms, shoulders, body, legs, hands, feet. Healthier than bending over for rows (hard on discs) and more functional strengthening than lying on a bench:
  1. Hold a tucked pushup position - tuck shown in Prevent Back Surgery
  2. Lift a weight or other object 10 times.
  3. Lift with the other arm 10 times. Try various lifts - front, back, sides.
Want more? Add a pushup, lifting the weight on the way up. More? Lift one foot. More? Use an unwieldy barbell for balance challenge or pinch grip to strengthen hands.

Tuck your hip to straighten your lower spine to strengthen abdominal and back muscles too. Hold your head up with neck straight to strengthen neck and upper back muscles the way they need for healthy straight standing.

Breathe. Smile.

Photo from the book Healthy Martial Arts
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