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Fast Fitness - Straighten and Stretch Hip While Strengthening Core, Arms, Legs, and Balance

Here is Friday Fast Fitness - Increase strength and muscular endurance of your body working as a whole, and learn to keep neutral spine and good hip position against resistance.

  1. From a pushup position, turn to the side, raising one arm overhead, holding legs and body straight.

  2. Raise your top leg. Notice if you increase the inward curve of your lower back (overarch to hyperlordosis) and if you bring the leg forward - demonstrated in the upper photo.

  3. Instead, hold straight. To feel position, practice against a wall - demonstrated in the lower photo. Bring the back of the raised leg against the wall. Press your lower back closer toward the wall instead of letting it overarch from the weight of your leg pulling the spine.

The idea is to use the wall as a guide to learn positioning, then use your muscles and sense of positioning to hold straight without the wall from then onward.

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Photos by Dr. Jolie Bookspan of students Marianne and Dennis
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