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Fast Fitness - Stop Neck Pain From Biking

Here is Friday Fast Fitness - Save your neck while biking, while drinking from a water bottle while biking, and get a needed upper back stretch at the same time:

  1. Main concept - your neck is not a Pez dispenser. Don't tip and pinch back at the neck to look upward to drink or look forward while riding.

  2. Notice if you jut your chin forward and upward to drink or ride.

  3. Instead, extend upward through your entire upper back. Keep your chin fairly still and see how much upward range you can get from your upper back. Instead of rounding the upper back forward, you get a nice straightening stretch.

Craning the neck (pinching backward at one joint) and pushing the chin forward, pinches and compresses your discs, joints of the neck bones, the soft tissue, and nerves.

To help remember good biking form, I put a reminder on a healthy water bottle. Keep your exercise healthy. Click AcademyGifts or the image to order.

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