Fast Fitness - Sit On The Floor Without Back Pain
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Fast Fitness - Sit On The Floor Without Back Pain

Here is Fast Friday Fitness - learn healthy floor-sitting, mobilize your pelvis, and use your core muscles and brains at the same time to move out of painful position to healthy comfortable sitting.

Here is a technique to identify if you sit in a way that is associated with lower back pain, and a technique to move out of unhealthful position:

1. Sit on the floor cross legged.
2. Notice your pelvis. Does it tilt backward at the top, so that the lower back rounds outward. This is too much tuck, demonstrated by my student Yash in photo 1 below:

3. Put your hands on the floor right behind your hips. Push against your hands to lift your back upright. Can you feel your hip tilt forward to upright position demonstrated in photo 2 below?
(In the photo above, hands are not behind the hip, to provide unobstructed view of the hip/pelvis corrected from tilted back to vertical)

Sit well and you can sit without back pain.

If your hip is too tight to move out of unhealthful tilted position, then it is likely that you are sitting with your back in painful rounded position.

If you are tight, or do not know how to move your pelvis while sitting, it is often easier to learn to mobilize your pelvis standing or lying down. The pelvic tilt is misused in therapy settings. It is mistakenly thought of as a strengthener or a back pain fix. The muscle work (to strengthen) is minimal. The idea is to learn *how* to move the pelvis so that you can voluntarily move to the needed position, then hold it.

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