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Fast Fitness - Quick Relaxing Hip Stretch

Here is Fast Friday Fitness. A stretch for front hip muscles, often tight from sitting and counterproductive forward-bending exercises in fitness and Pilates classes

  1. Lie over a bed or bench with hips right at the edge and legs dangling
  2. Feel wonderful stretch in front hip muscles
  3. If your lower back hurts, you are probably arching your lower back, as in the left photo, Click and read this post - Innovation in Abdominal Muscles. Correct it by tucking your hip (by flattening lower back) toward the bed - right photo.


Reader Bernie, age 80, supplied these photos. He had registered for my Fix Your Own Back Pain workshop but skipped it to do surgery instead. He returned to me in worse pain two years later. His story how we successfully fix the worsened situation is posted in:

He also demonstrates:

Read and contribute your own success stories of these methods. Before asking questions, see if your answers are already here - click labels under posts, links and replies in posts, archives at right, and the Fitness Fixer Index. For personal medical questions - Replies to Medical Questions.
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