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Fast Fitness - Prevent Wrist Pain During Pushups and Cooking

Here is Friday Fast Fitness - Learn to use strength and good joint positioning instead of compressing the wrist joint during activities that put weight on a bent wrist.

Good positioning and strength is more effective than splinting wrists straight and restricting activity:

  1. While sitting or standing, press your right wrist and hand backward strongly using your left hand. Feel the right wrist compress under the weight of the other hand.
  2. Now use your right hand and forearm muscles to press forward against the left hand. You should feel the compression come off the right wrist.
  3. Hold a pushup position. Use this technique so that, regardless of your weight, instead of letting your weight compress your wrists, you use your hand and forearm muscles. Keep weight distributed across your hand, not just on the heel of the hand.

Use this whenever you use your wrists - for weightlifting, for standing on your hands, for typing, driving, biking, playing piano, and during cooking and cleaning.

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