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The Fitness Fixer

Fast Fitness - One-Legged Party Trick for Strength, Flexibility, Balance

Here is Friday Fast Fitness - have fun while building balance, flexibility, coordination, concentration, and leg strength.

  1. Stand on one foot with a can or other small container on the floor in front of you
  2. While balancing on one leg, bend to lower yourself toward the floor
  3. Retrieve something fun from the floor with your mouth - no hands.

This is a fun one for kids and adults, for parties, or simple physical training.
Ideas: retrieve a paper cup from the floor filled with something good to drink, or a healthy treat, coins, notes, or small gifts.


Think first and do it safely. Keep back leg lifted, not both feet on the floor, to reduce outward force on discs. Switch legs to practice both sides.


Photos by Jolie

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