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Fast Fitness - Neutral Spine in 5 Seconds

Here is Friday Fast Fitness - fixing painful swayback to neutral spine.

If you have lower back pain after standing, walking, or running, or feel that you need to bend forward or lift one leg to relieve lower back pain, you may stand with too large an inward curve in your lower back (hyperlordosis).

  1. Stand with hands on hips, thumbs in back
  2. Roll hip under so that thumbs and the back of the hip come downward (not forward)
  3. Use the neutral spine position for normal posture.

Reader David from Belgium made us this short video of correcting overarching (hyperlordosis). At first he is standing with the front of the hip tilted forward and the upper body leaning backward. Both actions increase the lower back curve. Then he tucks the bottom of the hip under to neutral position, correcting the hyperlordosis.

Don't tighten your abs to do this. Just use them to move your lower spine out of unhealthful arching to neutral spine. Breathe.

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