Fast Fitness - More Plank Chess and Success Photos
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Fast Fitness - More Plank Chess and Success Photos

Here is Fast Friday Fitness - strong mind in a strong body - readers Paul J and son sent in their success playing their invention - plank chess:

Paul J writes:

"This time we played a complete game.
"We had to hold the plank during our turn.
"Once again my game was not going too well, and after about 10min I lost my balance moving my Knight.
"Tonight I’ll work on shoulders so inclined plank and wall hand stands are in order.
"I wonder if I can do a wall hand stand push up yet ….only one way to find out, right?" : )

Holding a plank 10 minutes is great work:

1. Hold your plank during your turn:


2. Your collaborator (remember, we are not opponents in life) holds a plank during their turn:


3. You hold a plank again during your next turn:

I have played tournament blitz chess (bullet chess), where moves can't exceed 15 seconds (or other brief time). I have played battle chess with martial artists in historic costume, fighting a short match for each move, with move completion only allowed upon winning. I have played Arpanet chess with military buddies, transmitting a move to another base, disconnect, go back to work, then stop any experiment on the burner to receive your collaborator's next move. I have tried (and tried) "total recall" chess where only a referee has tangible pieces while both players move only from memory. Plank chess from Paul J and son is a great idea.

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