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Fast Fitness - Leap for Balance on Leap Year

Here is Friday Fast Fitness for the intercalary year (Leap Year) - Leap to develop ankle and knee stability, leg power, and balance.

Leap to a point in front of you. Then leap back again:
  1. Leap forward, landing on the other foot with soft shock absorption. Don't land hard, which jars joints.
  2. "Stick" your landing, without wobbling or setting the first foot down.
  3. Leap backward to the original foot and place. Hold your landing steady. Try several leaps forward and backward, then change the leading leg and repeat.

This skill is good fall reduction training, and ankle sprain prevention for many terrains.

When landing, keep ankle stable by preventing your foot from rolling to the outside. Info in the post No More Ankle Sprains Part II.
Train knee and hip stability by preventing your knee from swaying inward upon landing - Healthy Knees.

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