Fast Fitness - Holiday Present That Saves Lives
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Fast Fitness - Holiday Present That Saves Lives

Here is Fast Friday Fitness - a life-saving holiday gift that you can give, even if you haven't shopped - give a CPR class.

Dave at CPR class 

  1. CPR is a first aid procedure. With CPR training, you can help save someone who has stopped breathing or heartbeat.

  2. CPR stands for Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation. CPR gives the person air, and presses on their chest to circulate blood until emergency care arrives.

  3. CPR can be learned and practiced under instructor supervision in a single session class. Class lengths vary. Introductory 3 and 4 hour classes may include use of external automatic defibrillators (AED). Longer classes include additional procedures, the different protocols for adults, children, and infants, and how two people can work together to do rescues.

Gift idea - give a person a card with your pledge to pay for their class or go with them. Contact the Red Cross, Heart Association, and other community preparedness training group to check classes and prices in your area (Red Crescent is more projects than classes). CPR methods change over the years. If you took a class years ago, methods are different now. Certification expires after one year. This month I spent many days renewing my various certifications and teaching Red Cross certification classes as a volunteer.

In a CPR class I taught earlier this month, obese students chomped potato chips while watching videos of CPR for heart attack. A student who said he was in graduate school for kinesiology sat extremely slouched for the 4 hour class, and bent wrong repeatedly to pick up blankets and move his practice CPR manikin. Remember - it's a class for better health?

More Save-a-Life Ideas:

  • New First Aid Training
  • Give blood. After I last wrote about donating, several readers asked if I give blood. I have given 41 times to the Red Cross (not paid), not counting three times directly for relatives in emergencies. This is a small number compared to Lillian in Blood Hero.

There Are Still Millions Around The World Without Basics to Live:

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