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Fast Fitness - High Core Strength For The New Year

Here is Fast Friday Fitness - a quick fun one to fulfill New Year's Resolutions for increased strength of body and core. Strengthen almost everything with this fun move that my students affectionately call "peeing dog" -

  1. Hold a straight pushup position. Keep elbows slightly bent, not locked.
  2. Lift one leg straight out to the side, as if over a bicycle. Hold as long as you can. Jump to switch other leg out to the other side.
  3. Hold neutral spine throughout (pictured at center). Don't let lower spine or neck droop under your weight (gray shirt second from right). This post shows how - Fast Fitness - Strengthen by Changing Your Plank.

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Send your photos or short movies of your successes doing this.
Coming soon - an even more fun and challenging maneuver once you can do this one.

Photo is from my workshop at the 2007 International Black Belt Hall of Fame.

Questions come in by the hundreds. I make posts from selected ones. See if your answers are already here by clicking links and archives. Read success stories of these methods and send your own.

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