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The Fitness Fixer

Fast Fitness - Happy New Year of Fitness

Here is Friday Fast Fitness for the New Year- Knowing What Is Fitness.

Being fit of body and mind is not doing a bunch of artificial rituals in a gym.

True fitness is how you live your life. How you treat yourself and others. How you walk, bend and lift outside the gym. How you stand breathe smile and take pleasure in the rhythm of cooking and cleaning as a life meditation. How you work together by seeing that it doesn't matter if someone cuts in front of you in line:

  1. No matter how fancy and expensive the car you drive, do you use it to take food to the hungry, or an old person where they need to go?
  2. It doesn't matter how expensive your house, but if you welcome friends to come in out of the cold, and make it a place of peace and health for yourself and family.
  3. It doesn't matter how expensive your cosmetics and manicures and hairstyles, and clothes, but if you use your hands, your voice, and yourself to speak well, act with honor and make the world a garden.

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