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Fast Fitness Halloween

Here is Fast Friday Fitness - Encourage health, not disease on Halloween.

Instead of junk candy, what about:

  1. Give "Pledge to be Drug Free" stickers. If you don't have preprinted stickers, easily make some with blank stickers or labels, colored markers, and help of children (yours or neighbors).

  2. Give small toys, available inexpensively in bulk. One choice is small blocks of modeling clay with a list of suggestions what kids can make - sculpt your dream profession, favorite person, flower... Toy, office, and hobby stores sell pre-packaged boxes of small cans of clay at economical prices. (Use some to make your high tech balance trainer.).

  3. If you don't distribute treats this year (or any year) put a sign on your gate or door to Trick or Treaters with a healthy message - "Be drug free," "Always say 'please and thank you,'" "Please look both ways before you cross the street," or other good message.

If nothing else, not giving junk candy may cut down on visitors to your house :-)

(Photo for this post is on the way as soon as we figure out the problem with uploads. Brain exercise.)

If you are dressed as something scary, show kids that even scary things act well and do good. Try healthy Halloween games to teach manners, such as, "You've Been Boo'd" with a good deed. In this game, you say something nice to someone or let someone in line ahead of you, tell them they have been "boo'd" and they are next to pass it on.

More Healthy Halloween choices:

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