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Fast Fitness - Great Hip, Side, Leg, and Iliotibial (I.T. band) Stretch

Here is Friday Fast Fitness. Stretching the side of the hip and ilio-tibial (I.T. band) does several good things. Here is a fast, healthy way to do it:

  1. Lie flat, face up.
  2. Place legs like clock hands, one to 10 o' clock, the other to 2 o'clock (or wider).
  3. Bring one ankle over the other, leaving the other at 10 (or 2 o'clock). Keep hips flat against the floor, don't tilt or twist. Legs straight. Hold. Switch.

This is an "ouu" stretch because when you do it right, you say "ouu." If you don't feel an instant great stretch, pull both legs more to the side. Ouu.

Smile, breathe.

Photo © copyright Dr. Bookspan from the book Healthy Martial Arts
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