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Fast Fitness - Getting Exercise Making Holiday Light Power

Here is Fast Friday Fitness - Why pay money to go to a gym to use electricity to power a treadmill or exercise bike, when it should be the other way around.

Burn calories and save money generating electricity to power holiday lights for your house and community (and maybe your blender).

  1. Fourteen year old William Kamkwamba brought the first electric power to his village. He had no school to teach him, he went to the library to learn how to build a windmill from parts he hunted in a junkyard. If he can do it, can the engineers, builders, electricians, tinkers, teachers, and smarties of Fitness Fixer readers make a simple bicycle generator to hook up to holiday lights?

  2. Try a bike shop to see how to make or get a bicycle powered generator. Several models power bicycle lights. Adapt one to hook up to holiday lights.

  3. Sierra Club gives resources for pedal power. One is a human-powered 70 watt pedal generator for rural lighting and more from EcoSystems.

Each person in your group can get a turn to burn healthy calories and get in shape pedaling for an hour. The world gets clean electricity and you make it.

Happy New Decade of Common Sense Functional and Green Fitness.


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Photo of Fluorescent light, human-powered electric generator (le vélo produit l'énergie électrique pour allumer le siège recouvert de néons qui est à l'arrière), by Dalbera and Arsenale (53ème Biennale de Venise) (Set

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