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Fast Fitness Friday - Healthier Fitness Water

Trendy vitamin water for exercise is big business, adding cost, litter, and sometimes dyes, synthetic isolated vitamins, and questionable sweeteners. Instead, easily make your own sweet, whole-food vitamin water for pennies:

  1. Put clean water in a blender
  2. Add a few grapes with the skin and seeds and blend well.
  3. Carry it with you in healthful containers - described in Green Water

Grape skins and seeds have been found to contain cancer-fighting and other disease-fighting compounds. Think of the money you just saved on expensive grape seed oil products.

For a different light flavor, squeeze in some fresh lemon. Helps keep the container cleaner, too. If you like tea, put a tea bag in the container. No need for hot water. Try a few strawberries with the green tops, watermelon with the seeds, or some raw sweet red pepper to make a variety of light, vitamin water drinks.

Energy drinks are different purpose and recipe - Healthier Sports Shake.

Experiment and have fun.

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