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Fast Fitness - Fix Positioning by Watching Others

Here is Friday Fast Fitness - a quick easy way to remember healthful body positioning for daily activity and exercise:

  • To remind yourself of your positioning, watch other people.

Reader Rich Tarpinian (Fix Neck, Play Hockey, Use Brain, Fun Life) writes:

"By the way, I'm still doing well and have been referring many people to your website. In general, I've had much less tension in the shoulders and neck and for the first time in decades, feel like neck stiffness does not have to be chronic. One very useful suggestion you gave was to start observing others to see how problems can begin/continue to manifest themselves in real life. I actually feel bad for them as I witness them creating all of those problems. Thanks again - I will continue to be a testament to the great healing work you do. Rich Tarpinian"

Rich generously provided his websites - and offering, "If someone wishes to ask me a question about my new found wisdom, they'll have an email address."

Reader Dennis, Olympic medalist in wrestling, says he notices his shadow for posture reminders when biking. His inspiring story of fixing injuries and improving training to Olympic levels will be posted (Dennis, get your photos finished :-)

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