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Fast Fitness - Fitness Tea

Here is Friday Fast Fitness - custom portable fitness tea, quick and inexpensive, no need for hot water:

Domokun loves Russian tea 


  1. Put clean (or filtered) water in your own healthy bottle.
  2. Poke a teabag in the bottle. The tea will brew on its own in a short time, no need for hot water.
  3. Choose your favorite tea or experiment to find your favorite. Mix several together to make your custom brew - for example mint and lemon (all non-caffeine), or ginger plus green (half and half), or green and black tea together (extra interest). Or a whole bunch of flavors.

This makes a fresh drink, no preservatives or coloring, no hype or purchased throw-away bottles. It easily transports with you to work, school, gym, exercise, and biking.

Add water to make more throughout the day. At the end of your day, remove the bags and wash the bottle for another custom tea tomorrow.

Future posts will cover making your own teabags from loose tea and preparing herbal teas from flowers.

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