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Fast Fitness - Figuring Heart Rate Training Range

Here is Friday Fast Fitness - How to know what heart rate will give you a cardiovascular training effect.

Several formulas calculate exact heart ranges and "target heart rates." There are a variety of commercial (expensive) heart rate monitors. Arguments in sports medicine continue on which is the right formula and if heart rates in water or at elevation can be calculated the same way. These issues will be covered in posts to come. For now:
  1. Your body is smart. Heart rate generally follows "perceived exertion." If you feel your running or other exercise pace is moderate, your heart rate is likely to be at a moderate training range. If it feels light, then heart rate will likely be too low to give much training effect.
  2. Find something you enjoy enough to continue more than ten minutes at a time.
  3. Keep a pace that you feel is moderate to hard, depending how you like it.

If your running or other exercise pace feels moderate, it is also moderate for your cardiovascular system. If it feels hard, your heart and body and mostly likely working hard for your current level If it feels light, then it is too light to give much training effect.

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