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The Fitness Fixer

Fast Fitness - Exercise Involvement In World Health

Here is Friday Fast Fitness - shed unhealthy petty feelings of maltreatment because you had to wait in line for your luxury items, or didn't get them in your color.

  1. We have things to be extremely grateful for.
  2. More of the time, it is not necessary to gain them through harming others or the Earth.
  3. Lead by example. Teach children and others not to litter, pollute, harm others, do harm for money, do harm for power, harm themselves.

Check Simple Ways to Get Started:

  • My Academy- the Academy of Functional Exercise Medicine (AFEM) teaches people and communities how to be healthy in body and actions. Readers who use my work have been teaching their groups simple healthy bending and movement for daily life instead of injury producing habits, good food instead of disease causing food, healthy training for high level athletics and military, healthier medical practices for sick, injured, preventive medicine, "green" fitness, and healthier mindset. Come join us by doing simple things in your home and community - click AFEM.

Fitness Fixer Examples:


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For personal medical questions - Replies to Medical Questions. Limited Class spaces for personal feedback. Top students may apply for certification through Learn more in Dr. Bookspan's Books.

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